Aquaworld Marina Cancun

Aquaworld is the largest marina/diveshop in Latin America and we offer a variety of activities such as fishing, snorkeling, jetskis, parasailing and of course Scuba Diving. If you would like to try diving for the first time we offer a short course for beginners which will allow you to take a shallow reef dive amongst the crystal clear waters of the surrounding area. Alternatively we offer services for experienced divers such as the amazing Caverns, Wrecks and Cozumel diving.

Cancun diving is a site to be seen, Aquaworld offers one and two tank dives to the local area including morning, afternoon and night dive departures. Aquaworld has just participated in the launch of Cancun’s most exciting project, the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum. In 2009 the first steps of a monumental underwater sculptural museum were formed in the surrounding waters of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. By August 2010 there will 250 sculptures submerged. The project will eventually consist of 400 life-size sculptures and beginners and certified divers as well as snorklers can visit the area with Aquaworld Marina Cancun.

For a tamer aquatic experience, we have a wide variety of snorkel tours as well as something for the non-swimmers - our Sub See Explorer. Here you can explore the underwater world without getting wet!

Parasailing: Our sensational SkyRider experience will take you up, up and away into the clear blue Caribbean sky. Sit back and gaze at the impressive sights of the sea, lagoon and Cancun hotelzone. This unique mechanism provides a comfortable and secure ride as you are lifted from a platform on the back of the boat.

Aquatwister: Experience Aquaworld’s ultimate Cancún adventure. Your ride involves massive sideways slides, waveriding and the famous ‘Powerbrake Stop’ in which the jet boat comes to a complete stop within two boat lengths, not forgetting of course the incredible 270º spins. Simply Awesome!

Fishing: Cancun has been named in the top 20 places for billfishing and also provides excellent game for light tackle. Charter a half or full day fishing boat with us and our bi-lingual captains will make sure you have a great time. Aquaworld Cancun is famous for it's great fishing services. We have a fleet of nine deep sea fishing boats and our captains have been working for the company for years. They will take you to the prime spots to catch Sailfish, Marlin, Bonito, Wahoo, Barracuda, Grouper... the list is endless. Aquaworld offers private and shared options so we can cater for your group or individuals. There are plenty of beverages available consisting of water, sodas and beers.

Catch that evening's dinner and our crew will be onhand to prepare it for you! Of course the two famous islands that are a stone’s throw from Cancun are Isla Mujeres and Cozumel – not to be missed Aquaworld provides a complete day tour to each island including your transportation, lunch and snorkeling (or diving and Sub See in Cozumel).

Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone at Aquaworld and we’re waiting for you!


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