Cozumel Diving

By: Owen Walcher

Cozumel is an island located off the Caribbean Sea on the coast of Mexico. The island has been ranked as part of the top five diving and tourism destinations in the whole world. Due to its amazing scenery that contains beautiful ocean water and tall reef lines, tourists have flocked all over to frolic on the beach and partake in some of the water sporting adventures. Here are some things you can do when you have a Cozumel Diving vacation.

Diving. Regarded as one of the diving capitals of the world, Cozumel boasts of numerous reefs that tourists can dive into. Cozumel has over 100 diving sites that include areas such as Santa Rosa, Punta Sur and Palancar Reef. It may cost you some money to enjoy snorkeling activities, but the amount spent is well-worth it.

The beach. No one can visit Cozumel Mexico vacation without visiting the white sandy beaches of the island. Gentle waves will also allow you to swim on the water without getting hit by high waves while you are in it. Of course, beachgoers love to do some sun tanning in which the numerous beaches of Cozumel can be a perfect place to do it. One of the attractions here is the Beach Club, where for a small amount you can lounge in a small hut with a thatched roof. Nothing beats lounging in a beach chair than having the comfort of shade to accompany you with.

The town. Another attraction in the island of Cozumel is the city. There are numerous restaurants and night spots that you can choose from when night time comes. Other than that, you have your pick of a huge selection of stores that sell jewelry and souvenir items.

Chankanaab Park. One destination that you can take your whole family with, the park is an adventure on its own where everyone can enjoy themselves. Children who are inexperienced with snorkeling can practice in a small saltwater lagoon, to get a taste of the real thing. Adults will also be able to enjoy the different animals and underwater creatures that can be seen in the park as well. One of the main attractions there is being able to swim with sea lions in captivity and for the small amount of a few dollars, Chankanaab Park can be the best thing you can visit in Cozumel.

Mexico weather is ideal for tourists for most of the months of the year, making it a good tourist destination spot. Another thing you need to know is that Mexico is safe in terms of security, with no need to get worried about any major criminal activity. Visiting Cozumel Mexico vacation is not only for family vacation, but for students looking to enjoy themselves on spring break.

Internet Guru Owen Walcher lives in the New Energy, and has relocated to Mexico for life.
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